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At Caroland Farms we believe in selling the highest quality Wagyu Beef possible, that is why all of our Wagyu Beef Products are 100% Full Blood Wagyu registered with the American Wagyu Association. Our Full blood Wagyu beef is born, raised and finished on our farm. Our finishing program includes a pasture-raised approach, with a proprietary feed ration to ensure our animals enjoy a stress-free lifestyle that promotes the highest marbling and flavor possible.

We sell our beef two ways. One is by individual cuts similar to what you would expect to see in any high-end butcher shop or grocery store. The second is in bulk with wholesale pricing in mind, this is for our wagyu customers that know our quality and want to make sure their freezer is always stocked with Caroland Farms 100% Full blood Wagyu.

If you are interested in buying individual cuts for your special occasions or treating yourself to the best beef in the world, please click the link below.

If you are interested in purchasing in bulk you can email us and we will contact you to answer any questions you may have. Our full-blood steers are priced based on hanging weight at $8.50/lb. We sell them in 1/2 cow and the whole cow, 1/4 cows are also available depending on availability.

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