The Farm

Caroland Farms

Our Story

Jay Alexander and Bob Jordan own Caroland Farms which is located in Spartanburg County, SC and Polk County, NC. The pair bought the farm from the Slater Family in 2012. The Slater Farm, which birthed Caroland Farms, focused on breeding and raising Black Angus beef cattle since in the 1950’s.

During his travels for his engineering work, Jay fell in love with Kobe beef in Japan, and Akaushi Steak in Texas. He enjoyed Wagyu beef so much that he decided to get a few full-blood Wagyu heifers and a bull to breed on his small farm in Landrum, South Carolina, to share with his family and friends. He was committed to having premier, healthy beef raised from the full-blood Wagyu on his pasture.

Jay wanted to insure their breeding stock was backed by original import genetics to insure the utmost in breeding integrity. He traveled to Texas and purchased his foundational breeding stock from Chisholm Cattle Company, a trusted cattle company committed to providing full-blood breeding stock as well as top quality bulls for commercial cattlemen and local beef producers. After purchasing Caroland Farms, Jay and Bob brought on farm manager, Matt Rainey, and within five years he has grown the herd to slightly over 400 cows, consisting of full-blood Wagyu and a number of recipient and surrogate cows supporting the embryo program.

Caroland was featured in an article for the American Wagyu Association

“We can demonstrate that the genetics have consistently produced the beef quality to meet our standards. All full-blood animals (even steers) are registered with the American Wagyu Association. It’s been really fun to have hard data and research, set new goals and produce the kind of premier quality, full-blood Wagyu that we are producing.”

-Matt Rainey, Farm Manager